CEO Leadership Coaching

CEO Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for CEO’s and Change Leaders

“In every age, there are those who are inspired to imagine and initiate improvements to their world that change the course of history.” Dr Jean Houston…

Leadership coaching supports CEO's, MD’s and change leaders to harness their position for outstanding outcomes, to feel less isolated and to manage the demands of multiple stakeholders.

CEOs face difficult challenges alone, unable to share sensitive issues with colleagues or peers.  Constantly drawn back to the day-to-day, CEO's need a regular sounding board to explore challenges and to raise the strategic bar for themselves and their organisation.

In a CEO coaching partnership you can:

  • Manage diverse demands and get more out of your board
  • Survive the usual imposter syndrome and avoid common CEO derailers
  • Lead difficult team members and prevent team breakdown
  • Have more strategic influence and build effective cultures
  • Make your next career move count. Manage the transition to new roles. Find more meaning and direction in your work and leadership.

NZ Country Manager challenges

New Zealand Country Managers who run the NZ operations with the company head office offshore. face unique challenges. They are often isolated and yet still bound to multinational bureaucracy, policies and reporting requirements. There can be too much interference with low mandate for decision making in NZ. Or there can below support and NZ is left to operate in a leadership vacuum.

New Zealand Country Managers are often highly successful in achieving results in the NZ environment and the NZ results can sometimes be found to be propping up results for the wider group. And yet recognition and support is low. 

Country Managers also face challenges aligning staff who have matrix reporting for staff with dotted line and full reporting to teams offshore. 

Getting support in a coaching partnership in New Zealand can make the difference to reduce stress and to help a NZ country manager work out what is the right mix of collaboration and independence. Work with Loretta who is experienced with NZ country manager challenges within every sector. 

Case study - CEO Leadership Coaching Partnerships


This is Matthew's first CEO position and he has been in the role for 18 months. Respected by his team and across the industry, Matthew had got off to a flying start. But lately he has been questioning some of his decisions and has started getting stronger steerage from the board about the direction for the organisation.

On top of this, Matthew is flat out every week and into most weekends. His team is good but he feels they have not been stepping up where they are most needed. He feels tired and has found that his thinking has become foggy at times. For the first time Matthew has started experiencing mild panic attacks when the pressure is on.  This was the catalyst for Matthew to initiate coaching for himself.

Matthew engaged Loretta as his coach and quickly embarked on a series of conversations where he outlined his situation.  As he explained things to Loretta Matthew realised he felt clearer and things began to occur to him that he hadn't seen before. The chance to step back from the daily tasks allowed Mark to regain the overview picture for his work and quickly identified gaps in his team.

Over the next few months Matthew used Loretta to maintain this expanded perspective. He learnt how to get more from his team by stepping back and focusing on building their capacity. With renewed energy Matthew was able to advocate direction with the board and reestablish their trust and respect.


Tony felt the pressure to perform  right from day one in his CEO role. He had been a CEO before but this role was with the biggest and most complex group to date. He was highly visable in his new role and the business was extremely fast paced with demands from every direction – government, regulators, share holders, the board, major customers, key suppliers and employees. Tony was coping, but only just! He knew he needed to work differently if he was to sustain this pace!  

With Loretta he learnt new ways of working at this level of complexity and also the resilience tools to harness his energy and feel like he was enjoying life more.