Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Effective development for those aiming to sharpen their focus, stay resilient and achieve big results.

Realise your potential

New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre provides one to one coaching for leaders and high performers at all levels of the organisation. With global recognition for expertise, our coaches guarantee stretch, insight and results for executives at the highest level.

Skilled & qualified coaches

Director Loretta Brown leads a highly experienced team of coaches to provide premium coaching services to clients throughout Australasia. Our coaches are professionally qualified, and get results. 

Effective development for senior managers aiming to sharpen their focus, stay resilient and achieve results for their organisation.

Supporting CEO's, MD’s and change leaders to harness their position for outstanding outcomes, and manage the demands of multiple stakeholders.

Successful organisations depend on high-functioning senior leadership teams. Team coaching ensures that groups of competent individuals can function powerfully together.

Find more meaning at work and life when you are in the middle of a big transition. Support and guidance through times of change and temporary confusion.

Women have a particular set of challenges and opportunities at work and can benefit from focused development to achieve results and to enjoy life more.