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7 November 2012

NZCMC directors Loretta Brown and Aly McNicoll will present a workshop for leaders at the National Not-for-Profit Sector Conference - 19-20 February 2013, in Wellington.

7 November 2012 by Loretta Brown

That uncomfortable feeling of  "What's next?" 

It's that time again. The recognition that whether I like it or not, things are going to change.

It creeps up, whispering... "What's the next step?"... "What's ahead for me?" or "Is this all there is?"

Rather than feeling excited and inspired, the "what next" question is unsettling. It brings on moodiness and restlessness. Not having the answer is maddening. What's around the corner? Things are up in the air.

17 April 2012 by Loretta Brown

Radical measures to enjoy life more and make a bigger difference. People have too much to do. Most professionals cannot hand on heart, imagine continuing working this way for much longer. Something has to give. This guide is for the “normally exhausted”, anyone who has reached their limit and is not willing to carry on as usual. People are creating wonderful lives beyond busy, feeling new joy and having more impact too. Here you are offered some ideas, some rousing thoughts and some stories of real people. Getting beyond busy may be the most important work you can undertake for yourself and for your leadership. Ordinary people change the world, each day, and step by little step. You can make the difference. A title isn’t needed to lead. It happens by acting on everyday things and challenging what is not working. Regaining your own life will contribute to building new ways of working for everyone.

30 March 2012

Loretta Brown is the first Australasian Coach to receive a Master Coach Accreditation from the foremost coaching organisation The European Coaching and Mentoring Council.

The award was granted after a rigorous application process and awarded in recognition of advanced leadership coaching expertise and commitment to developing the coaching profession in Australasia. Loretta is now involved with supporting other coaches in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore with their accreditation with EMCC.

30 March 2012 by Loretta Brown

You know what the treacle is! It is the sticky, messy, muddle of busy, day-to-day expectations and tasks that takes leaders away from the important work. It's the interruptions, endless meetings, and emails. It's treacle that makes heart sink as you approach the office in the morning. Like treacle, the day traps you, holding you in conversations you don't need to have and chores you don't want to do. You start with the best of intentions, but endless demands rise up and snatch the morning. Yet another day flies by with very little to show for such hard w

30 March 2012 by Loretta Brown

Why so many leaders try to delegate performance management

Ask any manager what they dislike most; they say it is having difficult conversations with team members who aren't achieving results. Managers freely admit that dealing with poor performance is a big weakness and that it can strike dread into their week. Every day, experienced and otherwise resolute people avoid addressing concerns with their colleagues. Strong leadership is not being shown where it is most needed.

30 March 2012 by Loretta Brown

A midlife crisis is the classic explanation for feelings of frustration, irritability and futility, especially for mid career, 40' or 50' something, high performers. But this explanation is deeply inadequate and somewhat insulting for people who have always succeeded and aspired to make a difference. This article offers another interpretation of the midlife crisis, where uncomfortable feelings are seen as part of the development of greater leadership capacity.

30 March 2012

The Melbourne Business School has this year launched the Centre for Coaching in Organisations (CCO) - providing a comprehensive set of solutions to client issues in a wide range of private sector, state sector and NFP organizations. The Centre for Coaching in Organisations brings together one of the world's leading business schools with a highly successful Australian executive coaching practice. The Director, Ann Whyte has selected Coaches from NZCMC as the NZ based providers of executive and team coaching solutions for the CCO.

30 March 2012 by Loretta Brown

CEOs want their senior team to 'be strategic'. Managers aren't being promoted until they 'become more strategic'.

Everyone would agree that leadership and strategy are desirable, but what does being strategic really mean? These buzzwords are mentioned daily at work but often misunderstood. Good leaders are offered little guidance on how to become more strategic and how this translates to day-to-day work.

28 March 2012 by Loretta Brown

Taking on a leadership role in a new organisation is a huge transition and leaders often place unrealistic expectations on themselves.

Make a good impression!
Understand everything!
Make decisions fast!

Take care with these expectations - they can trip you up;.