Women and Leadership

Women and Leadership

Development for women to build more confidence and effectiveness

Women have a particular set of challenges and opportunities at work and need focused development to achieve results and to enjoy life more. NZCMC works with women in three powerful ways:

  • Individual coaching for women stepping up
  • Women and confidence workshop
  • Leader circles – Peer groups for women

Individual coaching for women stepping up

After “Stepping Up coaching ” , You Can Expect To:

  • Take more action and be more effective with your work
  • Feel immediately more confident in every part of life
  • Access your own inner wisdom quickly and reliably
  • Find your voice and get your unique contribution into the world
  • Feel less dependent on the approval of others at work and home

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Women and confidence workshop

Your organisation knows it is time for more women to step up. But there are very few women who seem ready. Although there are women with tons of potential, they seem reluctant to put their hand up.  You see women working very hard but you aren’t convinced that they are influencing the strategic direction as much as you know they could.

This workshop will accelerate leadership success by providing proactive advice, critical skills and strategies to build confidence and to optimize leadership potential:

  • The hidden secrets of confidence that few women know
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Uncover competing commitments that may be holding you back
  • Understanding workplace bias and the strategies to navigate successfully
  • Learning about the new ways of leading taking the world by storm

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Women and Leadership Case Studies


Maria arrived at coaching a little unsure of what she wanted to achieve. She knew she was frustrated with her colleagues and her CEO. She was even considering leaving her organisation.

As she talked with Loretta, Maria began to see how she was showing up less powerfully than she could in her most strategic meetings. Maria says she is now more willing to raise issues and be more vocal, and she cares less about what people think.

Maria says it feels as if she has moved beyond a passive mode and is finally able to offer more creative solutions than she had in the past.  


Marg was great in her role. She enjoyed the job and the team she worked with. She saw herself as a integral part of the group but not as CEO material. Marg said that she loved being second in command  and making stuff happen for her CE.

But over the past 6 months Marg had realized that others were getting the good project to run, and were being chosen for opportunities to go to international  conferences and to lead high profile industry events. Marg realised she was left working hard on runnning the place! Marg began to feel fed up and wasn’t sure how to change things

With Loretta she began challenging her assumptions about “working best behind the scenes” and that she wasn’t leadership material. In coaching Marg developed the confidence to ask for what she needed more and to say no to some parts of the work that should not have been offloaded on to her. Marg got more comfortable with being more visable and began to contribute more stragetically. Marg;s particular breakthrough came one day when she heard herself saying “I could lead this place so mucb better!” Margaret is now working with search firms to identify her first CEO role.